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Newsletter - November 2017
November brings cooler temperatures. As the winter slowly begins to set in, warmer clothes will be required in the mornings. Morning snack will include a warm drink. The new lunch Menu will include soups and salads. If parents who live on farms would like to send vegetables to the school for use in the children’s meals, please contact the office.

Our back gardens see many migratory birds as they pass through Delhi on their way to the Southern hemisphere. The children enjoy watching the birds and listening to their calls. There is a birdbath and feed in the vegetable garden. Our projects this month will feature birds and migration. We are also exploring the viability of taking the children to parks where the birds stop in larger numbers.

Seasonal flowers have begun to bloom and the children have begun to take notice of these. We are planting the vegetable garden with spinach, lettuce and tomatoes. Parents who would like to help with gardening can contact their child’s class teacher.

Dates for your Diary
14th November Children’s Day. (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birth anniversary)
Fun day in school with a magic show, games and a special snack.
16th November Picnic for pre-school classes
School Timings
Will remain the same for November.
The new lunch menu will come into effect from Monday the 6th of November.

A new washroom has been installed next to the Parents waiting room. This is in accordance with the new security precautions that no adults use the washrooms of the children. The room will be locked at all times. Keys will be in the waiting room and must be borrowed and replaced promptly.

Contacting Us
Please inform the office of any changes in your contact details. Parents who want clarification on any point may contact us by phone on 26140317 / 41704307 or email
Further information is available at