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Newsletter - April 2018
A warm welcome to 100 new students and their families who will be joining the school community this term. For over 40 years we have provided a very positive learning environment through the Montessori method of education. This year too we will continue to build on this fine education inheritance. To all the students and families who continue with us for the next year, we will strive to provide a very challenging and exciting program.

There are 40 staff on the professional team and 20 support staff that are committed to the smooth functioning of the school.

For Infants moving to Pre-school is on Monday, the 2nd April at 9a.m. (There will be no school for these classes on the 2nd. They will start on Tuesday, the 3rd of April.

Orientation for new parents:
Infants – 2nd April at 4p.m.
Pre-School – 3rd April at 4p.m.

Mrs Kutty will give you a brief introduction to the functioning of the school. This will last for about an hour. Your folder containing all relevant papers can be collected from the entrance, before you move down to the basement for the meeting. Children are not expected to come to this meeting.

All classes are air-conditioned and equipped with air purifiers. Some part of the early mornings will be spent outdoors so that the children are exposed to fresh air and sunlight, which is a very necessary component in their physical well-being.

Baisakhi will be celebrated at the school on Friday, the 13th of April. This festival is celebrated throughout the country as the traditional harvest festival. The crops are harvested and the farmers give thanks and pray for future prosperity. In other states in India, it is known as Bihu or Vishu.

Dates for your Diary
2nd April School reopens (this is for our existing children)
13th April Baisakhi celebration in school
30th April Buddha Purnima (holiday)
School timings
Infant classes: 1-2-3  
Tuesday – Thursday 9am to 11:30am (18months)
Monday – Wednesday – Friday 9am to 11:30am (2 years)
Class Room No 4, 5 & 6 8.30am to 12:30pm
Class Room No 3 & 4 8:30am to 12:45pm
Class Room No 1 & 2 8:30am to 1:00pm
For children continuing a mail containing the school calendar, lunch and snack menu and the bill for the term April-May-June is attached. Please make payments between the 2nd and 6th April by cheque into the drop box. Receipts will be given to you the following day. Kindly ensure that all payments are done before the 6th of April.

Security and Traffic Control
Security passes will be issued to all parents. There must be worn at the time of entering and existing from the school. No person is permitted to enter the school premises without the security pass. For the system to be efficient, security staff have been instructed that no exceptions be made. I appreciate in advance your understanding of the need for this.

It is absolutely important to keep to the traffic regulations on the street in front of the school to avoid any inconvenience to other parents and the neighborhood. All parents are asked to enter from E-1 and exit from E-8. Drivers must be instructed to drop parents off at the “drop off” point and go on, not to wait in front of the school gates or park in front of “parked cars”. Cars should take a complete circle and return to pick up parents. Any delay in front of the school entrance holds up many cars coming in. We seek your co-operation with this.

'the magic years' center for sports runs evening classes for children from 3 years to 8 years three days a week Monday-Wednesday-Friday (4:30p.m to 6:00p.m). Expert certified coaches introduce the children to basic movement and correct running biometrics. Tennis, basketball, football are the three games that are introduced. For further details contact Nisha- 9810110637.

Contacting us
Please inform the office of any changes in our contact details. Parents who want clarification on any point may contact us by phone on 26140317 / 41704307 or email
Further information is available at