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Newsletter - August 2019
India will celebrate 73 years of Independence on Thursday, the 15th of August. Freedom is integral to the Montessori classroom and we remind ourselves every day that as adults, and as teachers, we are to give each child the freedom to choose activities, the freedom to do each at their own pace, and so develop primary independence and confidence.

The monsoon this year has been gentle so far. Rainy day projects and rain walks have filled our days. With more rain predicted for August, this will continue. Kites have replaced the umbrellas on the walkway and in the corridors and classrooms. This month will also see us celebrate Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami and Independence Day.

Dates for your Diary
3rd August Teej.
12th August Id-ul- Zuha.
15th August Independence Day
Raksha Bandhan
24th August Janmashtami.
During the monsoon months, we encounter several infections such as viral fevers, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, eye infections and such like. We should all be aware of these and take precautions against their spread. The school takes all possible measures to provide a clean, germ-free environment. To this end, could we please ask that children that show any signs of being unwell be kept home. Children who are on medication for any infection should also be kept home until they have recovered fully. Very often, children who are fighting infection develop fever during the day and we have to call parents in to take them home. We would advise that children have one day of rest with no raised temperature before returning to school.
Please also remove all outdoor footwear before entering the school to reduce chances of contamination.

Security passes must be displayed at all times as you enter and leave the school. Please do your part to maintain order on the road in front of the school as you drop off and pick up your child.
There have been reports from other neighbourhood schools of approaches to parents by strangers outside the school premises. Please take extra caution toward the safety of your child and do not engage with strangers. The school has taken all necessary precautions.

Contacting Us
Please note that we have added another telephone line at which you may reach the office as the rain often affects the main line.
You may now reach us at 41704317 as well as 26140317 or email Do inform the office of any changes in your contact details.
Further information is available at

Red Fort

15th August 2019 - India’s 73rd Independence Day