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Newsletter - September 2019
As we leave behind a very wet and humid August, we look forward to September and better weather. The children will spend more time outdoors and be able to use the Foot Sensory Path.
We are also looking forward to spending more time with the gardening projects where we grow vegetables and flowers. Help from interested parents in this area are welcome.
We will restart the sports classes in the mornings.

Dates for your Dairy
5th September Teachers' Day
10th September Muharram (holiday)
2nd to 12th September Observation of pre-school children at work
Observing the children at work gives parents an insight into the routine of the class each morning. You can watch your child from an adjacent class without him being aware of your presence. You will also have the opportunity to observe the functioning of the class as a whole unit. Individual notes will be sent to you regarding timings.
13th to 14thSeptember Parent - Teacher Conference
Parents will receive individual notes indicating scheduled times. We do hope that all parents make a special attempt to attend these meetings. This is a very important time of the year when decisions have to be taken about going on to other schools.
17th September 'the magic years' anniversary celebrations
Another very happy year at the magic years will be completed on the 17th of September celebrating 42 years. Since its inception, the school has strived to impart an excellent education to each child that passes through the school. We are very grateful to parents whose co-operation and trust in us have made these past years successful. We now look to all of you – our present parents – for your encouragement and appreciation as we plan the year ahead.
3rd to 30th September Preparation for Dussehra
In preparation for Dussehra, the story of the Ramayana is narrated to the children with the help of the characters and specially created backdrops. All hand work at this time will be related to the festival.
Contacting us
Parents who want clarification on any point may contact us by phone on 26140317 / 41704307 or email
Further information is available at
Kindly inform the office of any changes in your contact details.