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Newsletter - July 2017
Welcome back after the long summer vacation. July and the rainy monsoon season have already arrived. We welcome the rain after the hot, dry summer. This season is celebrated by farmers, artists and, so very much, by the children.

The children are especially charmed by the rain and so all our projects this month will feature the monsoon and the environment; lush, green and beautiful. Rain walks are being organized with brightly colored umbrellas and rain shoes – a special treat for which the children are delighted by. Foods traditionally eaten in the rainy season such as corn, mango and jamun will be added to the lunch menu.

During the summer vacation, we were able to complete all repair work at the school. The infant washroom has been refurbished, the wash area at the back has been covered and the front walkway tiles have been replaced with non-slip tiles. The building has been cleaned and polished to look fresh to welcome the children back to school.
And, we have added new fish to the aquarium which I am sure will delight the children.

All members of the staff have been working for the last week to start new programmes and look forward to having the children back. We extend a very warm welcome to the new families will join the magic years over the next two months.

School Timings
Infant classes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Infancy 18 months: Tuesday, Thursday 9am to 12noon
Infancy 2 years: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am to 12noon
Classroom No 6 8:30am to 12:15pm
Classroom No 5 8:30am to 12:30pm
Classroom 2 & 4 8:30am to 12:45pm
Classroom 1 & 3 8:30am to 1:00pm
Please note: It is important that children arrive in school on time each morning. Punctuality is a valuable habit and best learnt early. Children who arrive late are often embarrassed to join a class that is already at work.

Attached is the bill for July – September 2016. Kindly make payments before the last date, i.e. Friday, the 14th of July. All fees must be paid by cheque. Receipts will be issued on the following day and can be collected from the class teachers. Kindly adhere to the dates for payment. Delay in paying the school fee on the stipulated dates is a burden to the accounts department.

Security Passes
May I remind you again about wearing your security pass when you enter in the mornings and collect your children in the afternoon. Many parents do not think this rule is important. Please remember the importance of security for your children for whose benefit this rule is being enforced. You may request the office for an additional pass if required.

Just to remind you again, it is absolutely important to keep to the traffic regulations on the street in front of the school to avoid any inconvenience to other parents and the neighbourhood. All parents are asked to enter from Street E1 and exit from Street E8. Drivers must be instructed to drop parents off at the "drop off" point and to keep moving, not to wait in front of the school gates or to double park. Cars should take a complete circle and return to pick up parents. Any delays at the gate holds up cars - and children. We seek your co-operation with this.

Sports Centre
Evening sports classes will commence from 10th of July. If you need more information, please contact Ms. Nisha Wadera on 26140317 after 1:30pm on school days.

The staff and I look forward to seeing all the children back in school, refreshed and ready for a full term ahead at 8:30am, on 10th of July.

Contacting us
Please inform the office of any changes in our contact details. Parents who want clarification on any point may contact us by phone on 26140317 / 41704307 or email
Further information is available at