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Newsletter - March 2020
Spring is here, the flowers are all in bloom and the birds have come to visit. The children are learning the names of the flowers and to identify the calls of the birds.

The traditional Phoolo Ki Holi falls on Tuesday the 10th of March. We are planning to celebrate the festival of colours at the school with the children at 12 noon on Friday the 6th of March.

We have had a good crop of lettuce and spinach from our vegetable garden in which the children have played active roles. We are all waiting for the cherry tomatoes which should be ready to pick in a week or so. Mrs. Mala Kalsi very kindly sent us vegetables from her farm as well. The children enjoy the salads they have grown and from the farm and have learnt the names of many more vegetables and fruits this term.

At the end of March i.e. on Friday the 20th of March, we will say farewell to many children and their families as they leave the magic years and go to their next school. For all of us it is a time of great pride as we watch our little ones grow up and go on to bigger environments with confidence. They have spent happy times with us and leave us with many fond memories. We wish each of them well as they continue to enjoy their education wherever they are. To all the children who are continuing with us we look forward with excitement to another great year.

Please inform the school in writing whether you would like us to keep a place for your child in case he has not got admission to a bigger school. We will need this letter immediately so we can admit new children to the magic years.

The changed school timings have already been sent to you.
The present menu will continue through March.

Dates for your Diary
3rd - 4th March School Photographs
6th March Holi celebrations at the school (Phoolo ki holi)
9th - 10th March Holi (Holiday).
14th March School Picnic for Pre-School
20th March Last day of term (Farewell Party for children leaving detailed notes to follow)
21st March Parent teacher meeting and reports for children staying for the year. Orientation to the new classes and introduction to the advance materials. (Individual notes to follow)
22nd March - 31st March Mid-term break
School reopens at 8.30am on Wednesday, the 1st of April for all children
Contacting us
Please inform the office of any changes in our contact details. Parents who want clarification on any point may contact us by phone on 26140317 / 41704307 or email
Further information is available at