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At the magic years, children are encouraged towards higher order experiences. A sensorial and intellectual appreciation of art and music is encouraged.

Music is a regular and lively component of each day with each child given the opportunity to handle a variety of instruments and to express himself through movement. In keeping with Montessori learning which moves from the concrete to the abstract, music and movement sessions begin with movement involving whole body parts, to finer more defined movements of fingers, feet and head, to finally end with pure abstraction where the child's imagination plays an important part.

Yoga, Odissi, Chhau, Kalaripayattu, Kathak, Pilates and Jazz are some of the disciplines introduced.

Movement education develops body awareness, a sense of rhythm and physical and communication skills. Fine motor skills and prehensile co-ordination are enhanced.

the magic years is a world where all festivals are celebrated with great joy.
Special day activities stimulate a child's interest, appeal to his senses, offer active participation and encourage exploration and discovery. Traditional foods, artwork and performances that have meaning to the occasion are included and the child learns to respect the traditions of others.